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About Our Leather


" The realist sees reality as concrete. 

The optimist sees reality as clay."


-Robert Breault

We begin with stoneware clay bodies that are rich with speckles of iron.  Our white clay body is a blend of white stoneware and porcelain.  We use a combination of hand-building and traditional throwing on the potter’s wheel to create our collection of cups, bowls, plates, and serving ware.  After the pieces have become leather hard, we hand trim each one before loading them into the bisque kiln. Following the bisque firing, we glaze each piece by hand and finish them in a high fire glaze kiln.


Our pieces are made to last and have a satisfying weight embraced by acclaimed chefs and home cooks alike.  We strive to create pieces that in their simplicity capture subtle detail and movement affecting your sensibilities.  All tableware & serving ware is completely lead-free and dishwasher safe.


Our open-air studio is located in Pasadena, California on an old orange grove.  Every step of the design and manufacturing process is carried out here by our dedicated team of individuals who are constantly developing their skills through mentorship in a communal work environment. 


We believe in creating a work environment that is enjoyable, educational, and comfortable.  If you are interested in joining our team or would like to schedule a tour of the studio, please contact us at

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